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Over the last 10 years, I've worked on a myriad of projects across domains. 

Some  key initiatives from my time at various organizations at different levels of responsibilities are highlighted below. These range from enterprise service request portals, to my experience building my vision at SoulSkill, culminating in the launch of the COVID-19 vaccine distribution platform at LogiNext.

COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution Platform (2020)

Product manager

In November 2020, LogiNext announced the launch of the end to end All Mile platform specifically tailored for the route optimization and end to end visibility for supply chains distributing the COVID-19 vaccine globally.

I played a significant role in the development of the core components of the All Mile platform that had built in support of flight and ground tracking capabilities and route optimization for every mile of the supply chain. The initiative garnered significant interest from global enterprises and is in pilot phase with multiple organizations as of Jan 2021

Drug and Syringe

Real Time Auto-Dispatch Engine (2019-2020)

Sr. product manager

Routed critical and non-critical transactions worth hundreds of million dollars annually through the launch and continuous improvement of the Real-Time Auto Dispatch Engine at LogiNext.

The Real-Time Auto Dispatch Engine allows customers to transform their business operations in the gig economy by improving driver utilization by over 30% and ensuring that time commitments for orders are met. The engine is one of the most widely used capabilities of the platform and is directly responsible for generating millions in annual recurring revenue for the organization.

Route Planning

Cross Timezone Capabilities (2018)

Technical project manager

Led the organization-wide initiative to introduce support for cross time zone transactions and movements. This introduced capabilities for global movements of shipments on the LogiNext platform.

I conducted the research, led the implementation of the entire module, and worked across teams within the organization to simultaneously launch the module across four different product lines with zero bugs. Multiple enterprise customers were onboarded in the six months after its release. The module has been a key component of the organization's enterprise strategy.

Clocks on Wall

Professional Matching Engine (2017)

Product manager

Designed and developed the core professional matchmaking engine that was key to SoulSkill's first round of investment by the Dutch government's Dutch Good Growth Fund (DGGF).

The value proposition of the platform was to simplify job seeking by focusing on retention. The Professional Matching Engine was the outcome of approximately 500 user interviews. It used psychometric evaluations and machine learning to refine the similarity index of candidates and help recruiters better understand and make better matches based on past behavior on the platform and the feedback provided.

Job Interview

SoulSkill Web Application (2015)

Product manager

Designed and developed the SoulSkill web application that possessed the onboarding and workflow capabilities for both recruiters and candidates.

The SoulSkill web application possessed dynamic onboarding flows for candidates and recruiters. It was built using a NoSQL back end and a graph-based, nodes-and-edges framework. I designed the entire workflow and candidate tracking through the entire screening process in a seamless dashboard that recruiters could view. The web application garnered great feedback and boosted the NPS from five to eight.

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